August 18, 2007

24 (hours to finish my Halo cards)

Tony Pine sent me this scan of the Jack Bauer sketch I did for him at Wizard World Chicago, along with a great email.. Thank you very much for that, Tony. Sometimes being holed up in my studio for days on end, hunched over the drawing table and being a complete hermit, a few nice words really make all the difference. :)

Quick Art Update:
Those of you waiting on commissions from me -- don't hate me, I'm not being lazy. I've been breaking my back over those tiny life-consuming devils known as sketch cards. Topps gave us some insanely short deadlines on the Halo and Heroes sets and I kinda have to put everything else on hold and tackle those immediately, no matter how much it drives me up the wall.. I always have this vision of the people who are waiting on commissions from me hovering over me like ghosts, saying "Why are you eating a sandwich?! You could be working on my commission! No rest for you, Gould!!" Yes, it's true... I'm losing my mind.. :P

Seriously though, thanks for your patience, everyone! I'll be back soon with some more art, announcements, etc.

Oh, and slightly off topic -- I added a list of podcast links to the right side of my webpage. You'll see 'em if you scroll all the way down past the other links. If any of you are podcast listeners, I recommend all of those shows, they're pretty much my favorite ones at the moment - you should definitely check 'em out. :)