August 13, 2007

R.I.P. Mike Wieringo

I've been completely internet-free since I left for Chicago on thursday morning -- and I just saw that Mike Wieringo died from a heart attack yesterday. He was 44 years old and a healthy, active vegetarian.. (Looks like his site is temporarily down 'cause of high traffic.)

About three hours ago in the car, my friend Mike May and I were having a big discussion about comics, and we both agreed that Wieringo was up there as one of the best guys in the biz, and easily one of our favorite artists. It's pretty weird to be talking about how much you love a particular artist and then find out a few hours later that they passed away.

Wieringo was one of the guys I'd always hoped to meet at a convention sometime. I read his blog almost every day, was constantly impressed by his style, his attitude, and the constant quality of his art.. From all that I've heard and read in the comics world, he had a reputation of being very nice and extremely humble, and that doesn't surprise me at all.

I just noticed the many notes and remembrances being written about Mike over in his DeviantArt gallery too.

Rest in peace, Mike. I'll miss your daily inspirations/contributions to my nerdy little life.

This is a photo of Mike from two months ago -- I found it on Flickr. Hopefully the owner doesn't mind me posting it.