August 16, 2007


First off, don't worry -- I'm not gonna write reviews here for every movie I see... Just some of 'em. :)

Despite being way behind in work stuff, I had to go see Stardust. I'm a sucker for all things fantasy, and it turns out I really liked this one.. even though the three obnoxious teenage girls sitting in front of me couldn't sit still or shut the hell up @.@.

But yeah, Stardust is a fun movie -- it has the same vibe as movies like Legend and The Princess Bride, though it isn't quite as clever as the latter. There are a few so-so moments and the story isn't the most original in the world (c'mon, it's a fairy tale), but over all I think it accomplishes what it sets out to do: entertain both kids and adults. There's some dark, violent stuff, but it isn't in-your-face, and it's careful not to cross those lines that might damage those fragile young minds in the audience. heh

So if you're a fantasy geek like me, go see this movie. It's a fun ride, the actors are all great, it'll give you warm fuzzies. And Michelle Pfeiffer is without a doubt the hottest forty-nine-year-old woman on the planet.

4 out of 5 unicorn farts