September 28, 2007

3:10 To Yuma

I'm a huge fan of westerns, so I don't say this lightly... 3:10 To Yuma is up there with Unforgiven. It'll likely end up being my favorite movie of the year. Hell, it may end up being one of my favorite movies, period.

The trailers didn't blow me away, so I think I went in with lowered expectations. But it hooked me from the first scene - I loved every minute of it (and I'm so glad I saw it on the big screen). Loved the cast -- Russell Crowe's Ben Wade is right up there with Maximus and Jack Aubrey. Christian Bale is excellent, as always. There were some pleasant surprises in the secondary roles, such as Firefly's Alan Tudyk. Man, I could go on and on... Zero complaints.

If you're a fan of westerns, go see this one in the theater -- it's an awesome ride.

5 out of 5 cursed pistols