September 6, 2007

FLIST Chicago Art Show - One month away!

So awhile back, my pal Mike Segawa (who I'd met on LiveJournal) invited me to be part of this brand-spankin'-new art exhibit called FLIST. The idea behind the show being that it would feature bloggers with a passion for art.

As I type this, the show is about a month away and there are over 40 artists from ACROSS THE GLOBE taking part in this thing! It's really freakin' amazing. If you are in or anywhere near Chicago, mark your calendar and go check it out. I won't be there in person (unfortunately it's falling on the same week as the Minnesota FallCon), but some of my art will be on display, and it's gonna be a rockin' time. It's the perfect opportunity to meet some great new artists and have some fun. :)

The official site is
FLIST is also on MySpace:

Where: Happy Dog Gallery / 1542 N. Milwaukee Ave. / Chicago, IL
When: Opening night-October 5th / 7pm-2am
Duration: October 5th-Oct. 12th [check out the site for gallery hours]

The show will be 6 parts:
1. art on the walls [for sale], anything from photography to illustrations, paintings to icon designers
2. 5' x 3' plexi-glass slideshow projector showcasing all the artists
3. ipod listening stations featuring writers and vocalists
4. live models showcasing jewelry design
5. mash-up jams til the A.M.
6. merch table items from art entrepreneurs

Big thanks again to Mike for setting this up and inviting me to be part of it -- Everyone, please help spread the word so that this becomes a MASSIVE EVENT!
Thanks :)