September 24, 2007

Halo cards - my 6 for sale

I was one of the sketch card artists on the new "Halo" set -- For those who might not know, sketch cards have become a huge collectible over the past couple years. They're extremely rare, inserted randomly into packs (usually one per box) and each one is hand-drawn by the individual artist, ie. they're not reproductions. They're also officially licensed products, so when you get a Halo sketch card, for instance, you're getting an original piece of Bungie-approved Halo artwork.

These are my 6 return cards (Topps always sends the artists back 6 cards to do with as they please - an extra little bonus for the artists). I created each one using brush pen and prismacolor markers. I'm offering them up for pre-purchase right now. What that means is you can send payment now and that reserves your card, so that as soon as Topps mails them to me I can send your card to you right away. Each one comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, showing that it's one of my 6 cards. They're first come, first served, so if you see one you want, now's the time to jump on it before someone else does.

If you want one or more of my 6 cards, send me an email at - Write "Halo 6" in the subject line and let me know which card(s) you're interested in (example: "blue marine in the bottom right corner"). I'll get back to you within a day or so with more info and a price quote based on which cards you want and how many you're buying. Serious collectors only please.

Thanks, folks!
Happy Halo Day :)