September 11, 2007

Heroes cards - preview & news

9/14/07 Update:

Topps has updated their website with more information on the "Heroes" cards, including new sneak peeks of the exclusive inserts. Here's their main link, or if you want to go straight to the artist list, click here. (And, by the way - those of you new to collecting: If you're interested in getting sketch cards, you want to make sure you get the hobby packs and not the retail packs. The retail packs have different chase cards.)

The most exciting news is the official announcement that Tim Sale will be drawing sketch cards! They haven't said how many he's doing yet, but you can bet they're going to be extremely rare and definitely some of the most sought-after cards in this set. (For those that don't know, Tim Sale is the artist who drew all the actual paintings used in the TV series.)

It looks like the actor who plays Micah on the show (Noah Gray-Cabey) is one of the artists doing cards, too, which is sheer craziness. o.O

So yeah, pretty cool stuff. It's shaping up to be quite an impressive card set.. I was talking to the editor at Topps the other day and he said orders have been through the roof -- way more than they even anticipated. I guess the world can't get enough Heroes. :)

Topps & NBC just released this preview sheet showing some of the rare sketch card inserts -- and whaddaya know, there's one of my Claire cards up on top (second from the right).

I'll be getting back 6 of my cards and selling 'em. I'm taking pre-purchases for them right now - Once the set comes out and the cards are in my hands, I'll be mailing them off with certificates of authenticity. 3 of my 6 are spoken for as I type this. If you're a serious collector and want one of my final 3, shoot me an email asap. 9/14/07 update: Thanks to everyone who emailed me about the cards! As of this weekend, it looks like all 6 will be spoken for.

I only did 50 cards for the set, and only about 5 of them (not including my 6 back) are full-color.. So if you definitely want some official full-color Gould Heroes goodness, now's the time to grab one up. :)