September 2, 2007

Spreadin' around the G love at DragonCon

They always have big Battlestar fan parties at DragonCon, which the attending actors usually join in on.. I'm bummed I couldn't be there this year. These photos are awesome though - totally made my day. Huge thanks to Kristen Schlicht for sending them to me!!

Some of my BSG art prints and postcards were given out as prizes. Aaron Douglas (who plays Chief Tyrol) was one of the celebrities there, and you can see him with my art here in the pics.. very cool. :) If anyone else out there has photos of my BSG art makin' the rounds at DragonCon, send 'em my way and I'll post 'em!

Might as well mention here, too, that I keep a gallery of all my BSG stuff over at
If you head over there, don't forget to check out page 2. A lot of people miss the page 2 thingee at the top. :)