September 29, 2007

You'll always be my fave, Jean-Luc...

I have to give props to my pal Otis. His latest blog entry informed me that Star Trek: The Next Generation (ST:TNG, for us geeks) is now officially 20 years old. Now, I was never a huge Star Trek guy... But I LOVED me some Next Generation. I remember during my high school years, every new episode was practically the highlight of my week. I remember borrowing my mom's car to try and track down the action figures when they came out. I think my friends and I even tried the roleplaying game a few times - I know we at least bought the books. The more I think back, the more I realize what a Trekkie I really was. I wonder what they call a Trekkie who only watched Next Generation? Maybe a Next-Gen Trekkie?

Anyway, after I saw Otis' post, I thought this was the perfect excuse to drop what I was working on and draw Picard and sink into ST:TNG Memory Lane for a few minutes. :)