October 19, 2007

30 Days of Night

Despite my deep nerdy love for Lost Boys and Interview With The Vampire, generally I'm not a big vampire fan. But there's something about vampires going to the northern reaches of Alaska to feed on a small town during a month without sunlight that makes me love this story by default. And it helps that the filmmakers stayed very true to the source material (it was a 2003 graphic novel by Steve Niles & Ben Templesmith, for those that don't know) AND it helps that they hired a great cast. I am completely in love with Melissa George, and I believe this movie's now officially made me a fan of Josh Hartnett. I can't imagine anyone else playing a better Eben.

I have a few tiny nitpicks, mostly directorial type stuff in the first hour... I didn't like the first handful of scenes with the vampires -- they run around as blurs, grab their victims and disappear. I wish they would've gone for a more quiet building terror than the hyper screeching type, if that makes sense. I don't understand why filmmakers think horror has to be fast and loud -- the subtle approach (for me, at least) can be much more terrifying. For example, I thought the rooftop/bait scene was much more impacting and creepy than any of the quick gotcha! scares. I will say though: the bird's-eye-view panning shot over the town while vampires are attacking full-force is awesome. It reminded me of the great car scene in the opening of the Dawn of the Dead remake. :)

Over all, I enjoyed the movie a lot, and I'll definitely be adding it to my DVD collection. I'm hoping that for the DVD they don't use that red poster for the cover art. It'd be so much cooler and more fitting if they used something Ben had created. Anyhoo.. just my humble opinion...

4 out of 5 blood-soaked snowballs