October 17, 2007

355, I love you so.

Click for bigger version:

The fan art bug struck again! This past week I caught up on all nine existing Y: The Last Man graphic novels. I LOVED 'EM. What's really cool is I've been getting a bunch of my friends (and their wives and girlfriends) hooked on the books, too -- these are people that don't normally read comics, and now they're becoming rabid drooling comic junkies. Way to go, Brian K. Vaughan.

So, yeah, if you haven't read "Y" yet, pick up the first book and join the cult of awesomeness. I highly recommend it.. NOT for kids though.. All you wee tots reading my blog here, this one isn't for you. This one's for mommy and daddy. :P

From what I can tell, the 10th and final graphic novel will be coming out in a few months, so I'm very much looking forward to that.. Though, chances are, I'll just break down and get the individual issues from here on out, because I gotta know what happens ASAP!

Oh, and before anyone asks me why Yorick isn't in this picture (how can I draw fan art without Yorick??) The answer is that I did draw Yorick - I was gonna have Yorick and 355 standing next to each other. But I didn't like the way the drawing of him turned out, and I was already too tired to start over, so I just made it a 355-centric pic. And the other woman was originally supposed to be Dr. Mann, but then I realized she looked kinda mean and pissy like the Amazon leader woman.. So really, she can be whoever you want her to be. I have to sleep now. Too much staying up late for me. Damn fan art bug. @.@