October 29, 2007

Arwen Sketch

I whipped this up while brainstorming for something a month or two ago, and it ended up being part of the "unused" pile. I may finish it up sometime.. throw some inks and colors over those pencils, make her all purdee.

Hey, speaking of which..
I occasionally get people asking (particularly at conventions) why I do my pencils in blue. The reason I use blue pencils -- usually Faber-Castell Phthalo Blue -- is because that way I don't have to erase my pencils after I ink the picture with brush pen. I can scan the drawing into Photoshop and delete the blue lines digitally. This is done in the PS menu by going to "Adjustments," then "Hue/Saturation," and from there you can change the blue and cyan lightness levels. Just raise each one to 100. Nothing too tricky about it. But that's why I use the blues -- they make my life easier and less filled with eraser shavings. I pretty much stopped buying regular pencils altogether.

Look at that, my boring sketch post became educational! Whoo hoo :)