October 3, 2007

FallCon -- this weekend

Minnesota FallCon 2007
October 6 & 7, 2007 - click the link for info, yo!

I'll have a table there, as always. I'll be selling prints, doing sketches, chattin' with friends, giving away FREE 8.5"x11" prints of my Star Wars Celebration poster!! No strings attached - Just walk up to my table and I'll give ya one. 'Til they're gone, that is. :)

There's gonna be some big names at FallCon, including three of my favorite artists in the biz - Dan Brereton, Mike Oeming and Ryan Kelly. You can find a complete list of the attending creators right over here. (Unfortunately, I hear my pal Josh Howard isn't going, even though they still list his name on the site. Booo!!)

But it's gonna be a great show, and many talented friends of mine will have tables there, sellin' comics and spreading the joy. Allow me to pimp them out in alphabetical order: Katie Cook, Darla Ecklund, Jessica Hickman, Sam Hiti, Tom Hodges, Michael May, Alex Ness, Charles Pechonick, Brent Schoonover, Dave Strong, and Paul Taylor.. Hopefully I'm not forgetting anybody.

Oh, and one last note - getting back to ME for a moment. :P I'm not really gonna have fixed prices for sketches. I'll just be basing prices on what you want. Everything from $10 b&w quickie sketches to $50 full-color (for 1 character, no background type o' things). Whatever you wanna spend, we can work with it. However, if you ask me to draw Tom Hodges in the Titanic pose, I likely will punch you and/or politely say no.

Alrightee, folks - HOPE TO SEE YOU THIS WEEKEND! :)