October 28, 2007

Galactica Top Gun

I received a very nice email today from a fellow Battlestar fan -- She'd seen my 2006 Starbuck pinup and noticed I had the "Galactica Top Gun" skull image in the background (as seen on Kara's mug in the episode "Scar"). My drawing of the skull isn't an exact replica or anything -- I purposely made it a bit more cartoony. But it's pretty close to the real deal. Anyway, she was hoping to incorporate the skull into a BSG tattoo she's getting, and asked if I had a larger version of my drawing and if I'd mind her using it. The answers, of course, are (1) here ya go, and (2) of course I don't mind! .. as long as you don't mind me posting about this here on my site. :) And hey - send me a photo of the tattoo after it's done, I'd LOVE to see it!

Click for larger version: