December 20, 2007

Heroes Card Update - The Final Batch

We're getting closer to the release of the much-anticipated Heroes: Season 1 card set -- From what I've heard, we're looking at a late January street date. Topps had me do an additional 500 sketch cards (on top of my original 50), so that's part of why I've been so freakin' busy lately. In return for helping them out last minute, I'm getting an extra 6 cards back to sell. Here's a look at my six new returns, as well as the last available card from my original six back. ((The three "super-cartoony chibi" ones you see below, by the way, are the only ones in that style that I did for the whole set.))

So in January I'll be putting these seven cards on eBay. Since I took reserves for the first five, I think I'm gonna go the eBay route for these ones. So keep an eye out for that - more info to come.