December 23, 2007

Hobbity Goodness

My pal Jason Martin (of Super Real fame) added some digital colors to the Hobbit sketch I posted the other day, and it turned out awesome -- Check this out:

And here's an alternate version. This is his same image after it was given some "Auto Color" adjustment in Photoshop. It's a cool little trick -- After you color an image, go to the Image Adjustments menu in PS and mess around with Auto Color, Auto Contrast, etc. Sometimes it helps an image pop, or makes the colors jive a little more.. A handy Photoshop tool to try out.

Let me take a minute to pimp out Jason's next comic release: Super Real vs. the Movie Industry! Hey, wait.. I recognize that art.. :)

So BUY IT when it comes out! You'll dig it.

Well, folks.. I'm gonna try to be back with one more post before Christmas, but since I'm a little under the weather right now, that might not happen. So just in case.. Merry Christmas! :)