December 13, 2007

Marvel Update & A Call For Artists

A few quick things regarding the Marvel Masterpieces set - which, in case you didn't know, is in stores now and selling like hotcakes!

- I haven't gotten back my 10 Artist Cards yet.
Some of you have asked about the 10 Artist Cards I'm supposed to be getting back from Upper Deck... They haven't shown up yet.. Hopefully they'll be here soon (I've been bugging 'em - so far, not much response). I'll keep ya posted. :/

- I do not have a character list.
I've had several people emailing me wondering if I wrote down a list of which characters I drew, how many of each, etc. I'm sorry, but I didn't keep a list. I promise I will next time. :) Which brings me to...

- Yes, I'm onboard for Marvel Masterpieces II.
It looks like I'll be doing either 50 or 100 sketch cards for the 2008 set. I'm getting the blanks next month -- I think the set's scheduled to come out in the spring sometime.

- An open call for artists!
Upper Deck has put out an open call for artists interested in drawing sketch cards for Marvel Masterpieces II. Here's the scoop: Send your mailing address, sample JPEGs, and how many cards you think you can handle to

Good luck to those of you who submit samples!
Sketch cards can be an great way to get your foot in the door, believe you me.