December 5, 2007

Prepare yourself for a FLURRY of Buy-It-Now PSCs

Here's the deal, folks.. This month is about to kick me in the butt financially. So I've come up with a plan... After I'm done posting this here announcement, I'm gonna get some sleep. Then when I wake up, I'm gonna spend all freakin' day drawing random Personal Sketch Cards to sell in my eBay shop as $30 Buy-It-Nows.

I won't be taking character requests (if you want a specific character, you have to order a card as a commission and wait the standard turn-around time). But I feel pretty confident in saying that you'll likely see something you enjoy. I'll be doing a wide variety - movies, TV, books, comics, etc. Somethin' for everyone.

So check my site here throughout the day today (Wed., Dec. 5). I'll be posting cards in chunks - probably 2 or 4 at a time. Once they get rolling, I'll probably have new stuff up every hour or so.

FYI: If you buy more than one card, I'll combine shipping -- that's no problem at all. I'll wait until the end of the day to send out eBay invoices. If you prefer to send Paypal right away, that's totally cool too.

Thanks, people. I'll be back soon with the first round of cards. :)