January 28, 2008

Craig. Daniel Craig.

After a long day of working on various freelance jobs, you'd think I'd wanna hunker down and get some sleep, right? Nah.. I decide instead to stay up until 4:30am drawing some James Bond fan art! (I am smaarrt.) :P

With the recent announcement of the next film coming out late this year and being called Quantum of Solace, it got me jonesin' for some Bond. I re-watched Casino Royale yesterday.. I've had the Double-Oh Fever.

So I drew this - pencil, brush pen - colored it in Photoshop. I used a lot more photo reference than I usually do. I wanted to make a point to try and draw Daniel Craig and not just any ol' generic-lookin' Bond. Plus I thought my usual girl poses would be a little too "tough chick" or cartoony -- I wanted them to be more lazy and sexy (if that makes any freakin' sense). I'm now realizing that I should probably have some kind of "girl pose file" on hand.. Maybe I should head to Barnes & Noble and pick up a pile of FHMs, Maxims, etc.. "No, really.. They're for work!"

Ugh.. it's late. Must sleep. @.@