January 23, 2008

The Good Girls of DC

8.5x11, colored in Photoshop

Before anyone says "What about so-and-so?" -- I fully realize this picture does not include all the good girls of DC. I didn't want to spend forever working on it, so I just picked my favorites. :P

I drew this for no reason other than it seems like every convention I do, someone comes up to my table, looks through my prints, and asks me why I don't have any DC characters. So this one's for you, DC people. (Maybe next year I'll do a Bad Girls of DC... rowwr..)

Speaking of conventions, I've added two Chicago card expos to my 2008 schedule. The first one will be April 4th & 5th, and the second one will be September 12th thru 14th. You can find more info over at nonsportcardexpo.com. I'll post more details as the dates draw NEEEAAARRer.

Okay, back to Indy cards and commissions..