January 4, 2008

Widdle Gimwi, Son of Gwoin

Out of my total 2,000 (yes, two thousand) Lord of the Rings: Masterpieces II sketch cards, I only scanned in handfuls here and there.. Pretty much the ones I liked best, or the ones that I thought showed my variety in styles (I don't know why, I like the doofy little orc guy).. Anyway, so here's one of those scanned batches. I'll have a few more to show before the set comes out, and I'll post my "return cards" soon too.

Speaking of sketch cards, I posted about Upper Deck looking for artists for the next Marvel set awhile back.. The latest news is that they're now completely filled up. They had a HUGE turn out.. So hopefully those of you that were interested in that jumped on it right away.

Alrightee, I'll be back soon with more art. Busy weekend ahead. No rest for me.. :/