January 5, 2008

More LOTR...

Here are 6 of my cards that were sort of drawn/colored to blend together. I made them so that they would match up if a collector wanted to try and hunt 'em all down.. but they also work fine as individual cards.

And here's something I don't usually show, because they're the ugly ducklings of the batch. But hey, what the heck.. they're gonna end up all over eBay anyway, right? .. When doing a ridiculously huge number of cards (like two thousand), there reaches a point when the artist has NO time left and has to start cranking out cards like a madman. This is where the repeat cards come in handy -- Once I go into repeat mode, I can do a pretty good number of these in the same time it would've normally taken me to do one "nicer" card. I know collectors don't exactly jump for joy over the super-common cards, so I try my best to throw in variations and make 'em as fun/colorful as I can. Hopefully in the future I'll be able to stick to smaller numbers so that I won't have to do as many repeats.

Anyway, so here's a look at some from this set -- Gothmog, Army of the Dead, Cave Troll, Ringwraith

I'll be back with more LOTR madness. :P