January 1, 2008

Open for Figure Commissions until Jan. 7th

Happy 2008, folks. :) These past couple days I've been getting a lot of emails regarding my Zoetica Action Figure drawing. Apparently there's an untapped wealth of fanboys and fangirls out there who would love to be immortalized as a fictional toy. (Being a lifelong figure junkie myself, I can't blame 'em.)

So, YES, I'm going to take Action Figure Commission orders for a limited time. I'm charging $200 - to be paid in full, up front. If you're a Photoshopper and want to design the card art yourself*, then the total's $150 instead.
* If you go this route, after payment is made I'll send you a size template for the card art -- Then you can email your design back to me, and I'll incorporate it into the final image. Easy as pie.

You have until the end of the day Monday, January 7th to send me your order info, and full payment via Paypal (both can be sent to grantgoboom@gmail.com). Commission turn-around time is generally three months -- NO refunds will be given unless it's past April 7th, '08 and I haven't finished your art. Also - I'm not offering prelim approval rounds on these. I'm sorry, but it slows my commission schedule too much. You'll just have to trust me to create a kick-butt figure.

Ordering Info
Send payment via Paypal and then shoot me an email with reference JPEGs of you or whoever it is I'm drawing a figure of, AND the following info:
1) Name/title for the top of the card
2) Phrases/quotes you'd like to have on the card
3) Up to 3 accessories for the figure & brief descriptions for them
4) General idea of what you'd like to see Photoshopped onto the card design**
5) General idea of what outfit/look you'd like to see on the figure
(if nothing is specified, I'll just base it off whatever reference photos you send me)
** Card designs/concepts must be kept fairly simple. If you wish to design your own card, see the option mentioned above in the second paragraph.

Final high-resolution artwork of your Action Figure will be uploaded to my site when it's finished, at which point I'll email you with a link to that file, as well as attach a smaller JPEG for you. The hi-rez version will be roughly the same size as an actual action figure, so you'll be able to print it up and show it off to the world. :)

1. These commissions are for action figure drawings, not actual physical toys. Just want to make that crystal-clear so that there's no confusion.
2. I won't be accepting action figure commissions of copyrighted characters. If you want Spiderman or Harry Potter or something like that, I'll have to turn ya down. However, if you want a figure based on one of your own characters, that's totally fine.

I think that pretty much covers it..
Again, I'll be taking orders for these until Jan. 7th. Any questions, let me know. Thanks!