January 7, 2008

Update Time -- Indy! Wolves! LOST!!

Figured I'd take a moment to let you all know what's cookin' in Grant's Kitchen this month. Things are busy as always, and I have four main things I'll be workin' on throughout the rest of January.

1) Indiana Jones sketch cards
This week I'll be diving into my sketch cards for Topps' Indiana Jones: Heritage trading card set, which covers the first three movies. I'm only doing a small number (100 max), so that'll be nice. I'll post my first few cards ASAP so you can check 'em out.

2) Commissions, commissions, commissions
I'll be tackling my commission list as much as possible. As most of you know, I do it on a "first pay, first serve" basis, and ask for a three month turn-around time. So those of you who ordered drawings or personal sketch cards back in Oct./Nov., you're top priority. At the moment I don't believe I'm late on any commissions -- please email me if I'm wrong about that.

3) The Wolves of Odin
I'm desperately wanting to spend as much time as possible working on this... As always, time flies, money disappears, and my dreams of spending weeks on end doing nothing but work on my comic fade away. heh :) But never fear, "Wolves" is still at the top of my list, and I'll be spending many a sleepless night working on it this month. In fact, I'll have some sneak peek artwork coming very soon. Stay tuned, WoO fans!

4) "Lost Ate My Life" book cover
You're reading it here first, folks -- I'm proud to announce that I was hired to illustrate and design the cover of the upcoming book "Lost Ate My Life!" It's about Lost fandom, talking about the show's impact on today's popular culture, featuring interviews, etc. It's being written by "DocArzt" and "Hijinx" from the hugely popular Lost Creative Team's website: The Fuselage. And it'll be published this fall by ECW Press (the same folks who published the "Finding Lost" guides I'm sure many of you have seen in Barnes & Noble, etc.). So, yeah, I'm VERY excited about this project, and very happy to be part of it!

And speaking of Lost.. Only 23 days now... :) :)