February 1, 2008

5 Updates & Reminders

1) My PSC Bonanza is THIS SATURDAY
Be sure to check my site throughout the day on February 2nd. From about 10am to midnight I'll be posting all sorts of cool hand-drawn personal sketch cards and selling 'em online as $30 Buy-It-Nows!

2) Topps.com Updates
For those of you interested in the new Lord of the Rings or Indy card sets (both of which I worked on), Topps has updated its site with new info and images. Click the links to check 'em out.

3) Marvel Masterpieces Artist Proof Cards... In Limbo
There's been some recent drama with Upper Deck and the Artist Proof cards they sent us.. It has nothing to do with me personally, but it certainly affects me and all of the other artists, and it's a frustrating situation, to say the least. I don't really have any additional info.. All I know is I can't sell any more of my cards until Upper Deck figures their stuff out.. I apologize to those of you put on hold because of this. As soon as I hear anything, I'll let you know.

These last two things don't have much to do with my work or art.. just entertainment related stuff. Because I'm a nerd.

4) The Sarah Connor Chronicles
I finally watched the first three episodes of the new Terminator show, and I love it! Admittedly, it isn't perfect.. It ain't no Battlestar.. But it's really good. Far better than I was expecting. Lena Headey and Summer Glau are awesome (and ridiculously hot). I'm hooked. I think you can watch episodes on the official site now, and on iTunes. (And I've got a Terminator commission coming up in the next week or so, so I'm extra excited to work on that now.) :)

Just in case anyone's bored and looking for another interwebby bookmark, I keep a LiveJournal and post LOST reviews after every new episode. I'll be doing the same thing when BSG comes back on... And I post the occasional YouTube video, and whatever else. It's my non-work/non-art-related blog.