February 20, 2008

'Return of the Kings' Art

The Lord of the Rings: Masterpieces II card set is now on its way to stores (some dealers already have their shipments). "Krkards" from the Scoundrel board was kind enough to scan in the front and back of my card so I could show what it looks like --

I'm hoping to sell the original artwork for this card as a multi-piece set. The original sketch is 8.5"x11", and then there's a second 8.5"x11" sheet that has additional ghost/King of the Dead sketches on it. Then I assembled the two, flipped some stuff, and created the 11"x17" prelim image that I sent to Topps and New Line for approval. And then, last but not least, is the final 11"x17" inked drawing done with brush pen, which is what I scanned into Photoshop for coloring. So there are 4 pieces total, as you can see here:

This is my first-ever commissioned artwork for a base card, so honestly, I haven't settled on a price tag yet. I've been asking some of my fellow artists what they charge for this sort of thing, and the prices vary in range like you wouldn't believe. Seems like original base card art can go for anywhere from 500 to 5,000 (and I don't even want to begin to imagine what people like Drew Struzan get for theirs, heh). :)

So, if you're a collector and are interested in buying this original art from me, please send me an email at grantgoboom@gmail.com, write "Base Card Original Art" in the subject line, and make me an offer. I'd rather not go the eBay route, so we'll see how this goes.

Thanks much, everyone!
I'll be back soon with more arty goodness..