March 24, 2008

Chicago Card Expo - April 4th & 5th

My first show of the year is less than two weeks away -- I'll be a guest at the Chicago Non-Sport Card Expo, which is Friday & Saturday, April 4th & 5th, at the Carol Stream Holiday Inn. Visit for more info.

I'll be there with my girlfriend, the super-talented Jessica Hickman, as well as a bunch of my fellow card artist pals - Katie Cook, Cynthia Cummens, Mark McHaley, Charles Raymond, Randy Siplon, and Uko Smith, to name a few. I'll be doing sketches, personal sketch cards, selling prints & sketchbooks - all that good stuff. (If you definitely want some art from me, I'd recommend contacting me ahead of time so that I can draw your picture/card before the show and have it ready to go when you get there.)

And, yes, I realize that that friday is the premiere of Battlestar season four. The fanboy in me is crying, but hey - these are the sacrifices one must make to pimp one's wares. :P Fortunately, will be streaming the episode from their site, so with a little luck, I'll be able to find someone with a laptop and internet and watch it that way. (Ryan, I'm lookin' at you...)