March 19, 2008

He That Believeth In Ron Moore

Some quick bits of Battlestar Galactica news that I am required by law to share with the world:

1) The BSG prequel series Caprica has finally been green lit and the two-hour pilot is going into production.

2) BSG season 3 is now out on DVD. It has over 15 hours of special features, and an extended version of "Unfinished Business."

3) Two specials - BSG Revealed and BSG the Phenomenon - will be airing on Friday, March 28th. (Looks like they're online right now!) :)

4) The first episode of season 4, "He That Believeth In Me," airs on Friday, April 4th, and will also be streaming from that same day.

5) As always, you'll be able to keep track of all the latest news, photos, interviews, episodes reviews, and everything else over at my supah-sweet BSG community:

6) My new convention sketchbook has a Battlestar cover. Whoo! Details on that soon. Probably next week. (And here you thought this post had nothing to do with my art..) :P

7) Want a season 4 countdown clock widget? Click here. So say we all.