March 6, 2008

More Quick Reviews

The Nines:
I enjoyed this movie a lot. It's very weird and Twilight Zoney. Ryan Reynolds (one of my favorite actors in the universe) plays three different characters/personalities, which are sort of divided into three sections of the movie. I really liked watching it, and the ending was pretty unconventional and had me thinking - again, in a Twilight Zoney kind of way. Of all four of these movies I'm reviewing, I'd say this would be the one I'd most want to see a second time.

Into The Wild:
A very beautiful, thoughtful flick.. Emile Hirsch really threw himself into the role. I'm kind of surprised he wasn't nominated for a Best Acting award. The movie had a lot of tiny moments that I didn't like, though.. for example, a scene where the main kid looks at the camera and basically smiles at the audience while eating an apple -- I hate that kind of thing. I know they were trying to be carefree or whatever, showing that they don't have to "follow the rules" :P but it took me out of the movie. There were a bunch of little things that distracted me. I thought the layout of the storytelling, and the over all direction (by Sean Penn) could've been better. But, that said, I would still recommend people watch it. There's a lot of heartbreak -- not so much for the main kid, but for all of the people who love him and essentially try to keep him from being so aloof and killing himself. The many secondary characters are the ones that you fall in love with, and the ones that make this worth watching. Oh, and I LOVE the soundtrack.

Gone Baby Gone:
Everyone's been praising this movie, and I can see why -- it's captivating. I had it on while I was drawing, and I hardly got any drawing done - I couldn't peel my eyes away from what was going on. Casey Affleck does a great job of playing a guy I don't like. heh. :) Michelle Monaghan (his wife in the movie) is awesome - I'm completely in love with her. Ed Harris has a great role - might be one of my favorite roles he's ever had. Over all, a very good flick. I wouldn't want to see it again though -- it's got a lot of tragedy. It leaves you pondering a few grim fates, as it were.

Justice League - The New Frontier:
I really wanted to love this one, because Darwyn Cooke rocks, and I keep hoping I'll get sucked into DC stuff (I'm a Marvel geek at heart - always have been).. I dunno, I enjoyed the movie, but I didn't love it. I thought it was a little bit boring, especially the second half. And, as always, I was hoping the animation would be more impressive.. You know how when you were a kid and watched cartoons, the opening segment would have AWESOME dynamic animation, and then the episode itself would just have mediocre animation.. ? You always wonder, "Why can't the whole thing be like that opening segment?" I look at things like this and wonder why they don't go all out and make the whole thing mind-bogglingly cool-looking? Which isn't to say the animation is bad.. It just didn't wow me. It was average. Maybe slightly above average. I definitely liked the comics better. (And don't be hatin' on me for this review!! I'm not saying it sucked -- I'm just saying I didn't love it. :P)