March 3, 2008

Snake-Eyes wants you to check out

This is a "thank you" drawing done for my pal Josh -- he helped me out and continues to be awesome. I want to pimp out a new website that he's a big part of:

Beat Swamp is an MP3 and music news blog. In Josh's own words, "It is TOTALLY free, and the whole point of it is to share music and thoughts about music with the greater internet. Many, many more posts are coming…we have a team of contributers at-the-ready, each with a different smattering of musical proclivity…so chances are high that you’ll be introduced to artists that you enjoy. IT IS WIN. MASSIVE, EFFING WIN."

So do me a solid, internetland, and go check out their site. If you're a music lover, I think you'll dig it. :) Josh, thanks again, dude!