April 20, 2008

ATTN: Midwest People!

One week from today I'll be attending the Minnesota MicroCon. It's a fun little show -- lots of comics and collectibles to buy, lots of creators pimpin' their wares.

For show info, click here. Or if you wanna check out the list of attending artists and guests, click here.

I've got a bunch of art prints that I wanna get rid of, so I'll have a few trays on my table, and every print in 'em will be ONE DOLLAR. That's right - one freakin' dollar per print. So come to the show, throw dollar bills at me.. No, I don't take pennies. :P Fun for the whole family.

Also, I won't have a lot of time to do sketches (it only runs from 10 to 4), so if you're planning on getting one from me, try to get there when the doors open and hit me up right away.