April 11, 2008

I'm Feeling Animated! :P

My Clone Wars blanks showed up today from Topps. Just to be clear - these aren't based on the Cartoon Network show from a couple years ago - these are based on the upcoming computer-animated Clone Wars feature film hitting theaters August 15th. (More info here.)

I'm happy about this set because I'm only doing 100 sketch cards and I have a couple months to finish 'em... Not having to rush through these is a breath of fresh air. Especially after cranking through a mountain of a thousand "Indy 4" cards and having zero fun with that set... So, yeah, I'm ready to rock the house on these Clone Wars cards. I've been itchin' for the chance to draw Grievous again. >:)

Alrightee, back to commissions.. I'm still behind on a few. I'm trying my best to catch up, guys. I should be able to get through another 2 or 3 this weekend, assuming Battlestar isn't so awesome tonight that it puts me in a coma.