April 10, 2008

Marvel AP blanks & some other info

My Artist Proof cards for the Marvel Masterpieces set are finally available. For those of you that don't know, Upper Deck gave each artist 10 blank cards to sell on their own -- I'm offering mine as "choose your own character" cards (and who knows, I may draw a couple on my own and go the eBay route).

Instead of offering a flat price on these cards, I'm basing prices on what people want. For example, if you just want a headshot of Venom, that would be $150 -- whereas if you want an action shot of Spiderman fighting Venom, that would be more around $300. So if you're interested, send me an email at grantgoboom@gmail.com, put "Marvel AP Card" in the subject line, and let me know what character(s) you want, and whether you're after a headshot, a waist-up type shot, full body action shot, etc. I'll get back to you with a price quote pretty quickly.

I'm starting to cut back bigtime on sketchcards and will likely not be doing any of the future Marvel Masterpiece sets, so once these 10 are gone, that'll be it. Grab 'em up, True Believers!
-- 4/11 Update: I have 5 left --

In other news:

I didn't plow through as many sketchbook doodles as I'd hoped to this week, so if you've been checking your mailbox and haven't gotten your copy yet, I apologize. I'll be working on them throughout the weekend and will continue to pop 'em in the mail first chance I get. Busy busy!