April 14, 2008

Oil, Zombies and Rockstars

Quick reviews of some movies I've seen recently.. (I promise, my next post will have artwork.) :P

There Will Be Blood:
Daniel Day-Lewis pretty much makes this movie amazing.. He's great to watch. Great character - not quite a villain, definitely not a good guy. This movie doesn't seem to have any kind of traditional structure. It's like a visual novel about oil prospecting. I liked it a lot.

A creepy French flick, based on a true story.. I don't wanna say anything about the plot and spoil it, but it's pretty freaky. If you like psychological type horror (think Blair Witch style, where it's more about the unknown than it is about blood 'n' guts), then you'd probably like this one. My only real complaint is that the main character is a complete moron.

Day of the Dead:
I saw the trailer for this awhile back and was kind of excited... obviously, I loved the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead (and am a big fan of the old school Dawn and Day movies) so I had to check this one out. Well, first of all: WORST. DVD. COVER. OF. ALL. TIME. .. seriously, click the link and see for yourself. It's like some Garbage Pail Kid was hired to be the art director, and there isn't even one barfing zombie in the movie! (which is a good thing.. but still, it makes no sense..) This movie's terrible. Laughably bad. Zombies run around shooting machineguns and crawl on ceilings like Spider-man.

Walk Hard:
A ridiculous parody of Walk the Line -- I thought most of it was really funny. Jenna Fischer was awesome, as was most of the cast. Lots of unexpected cameos. I would watch this one again, if not only to see John C. Reilly run out into the street in his underwear again and flip a car with his bare hands. :)