May 31, 2008

Back From Vacation

Thought I'd post a few photos from my week up north. Here's a shot of Enger Tower -- always a cool place to stop at when you're heading through Duluth. It's at the top of a huge hill and gives you an awesome view of the city & harbor.

Here's the inside of our cabin. Behind where I'm standing is the kitchen, and then to the left are the bedrooms and front door, and the balcony's to the right. The name of the place we stayed at was the Lutsen Resort, which I give a thumbs up. Cool scenery, trails, beach, helpful staff, cool little pub/restaurant, etc. (And thank goodness they had a TV so we could all watch the LOST finale!) :)

This is the view from our balcony.. The photo doesn't do it justice at all. It's a steep hill that drops down to a rocky shoreline (those rocks you see down there are massive) -- very cool looking when you see it in person. Pictures never quite capture the epicness and beauty of Lake Superior (the largest freshwater lake in the world, don'cha know).

A sampling of the woods across from our cabin.. They were actually a lot creepier than this photo makes it seem. We wandered through there a bit and found deer bones and the ground was all spongy and filled with holes. It had a freaky haunted vibe. I was a big wimp and didn't stay in there long. I was convinced we were gonna run into a bear or a ghost or an undead deer or something. :P

And here's a shot taken on the other side of the resort. There's a bridge crossing the river and I'm taking this picture from the middle of the bridge. Further up the way are some cliffs and waterfalls. Again, this picture doesn't do it justice - you can't really tell the scale of things. It looks a lot more amazing in person, when you can smell the northwoods smell, and feel the wind, and hear the water, and on and on..

Anyway, that's just a few of my pics, but it gives you an idea of what I've been staring at for the past week.. So now it's back to commissions and emails and sketch cards and everything else.. Man, vacations fly by fast... :/