June 16, 2008

BSG Fans - I Want Your Input

I'm in a super geeky Battlestar mood this week (the mid-season finale rocked) and I've been wanting to "design" some fictional BSG action figures just for the hell of it.. Something a little more serious than my old Battlebuddies, but more cartoony than the real figures.. something more along these lines. I won't have time to draw the first one until this weekend, so I thought it'd be fun to let you guys cast a vote as to which character I should create first.. Just comment here, and then either late friday or early saturday I'll count up all the votes (here, on my BSG community, and on my DeviantART page) and whichever character has the most votes will be the winner! I'll let everyone cast two character votes -- if you vote for more than two, I'll ignore you. :P And, yes, any character on the show is game -- anyone from Jake the dog to Admiral Cain. (BTW, keep your comments and votes relatively spoiler-free, in case anyone reading this isn't caught up yet.) And feel free to specify certain looks of the character, too.. For example, feel free to say stuff like "New Caprica Starbuck" or "Algae Planet combat gear Apollo". Alrightee.. That's all I got. I look forward to drawing the character that gets the most votes. :)

Yes, I know I'm a nerd. Thanks.