June 12, 2008

Cosmo Rose: Star Sister From Beyond!!

This is a completely random picture.. I was waiting for my computer to reboot and started doodling a girl's face, and it turned into this. Spent about 10 minutes on it. Which is about 8 minutes longer than I should've spent on it. :P

I'd better trademark the name though -- it's sweet!! (joking)

So Upper Deck has put the call out again for artists -- they're gearing up for the next Marvel Masterpieces trading card set, and are looking for new sketch card artists. If you're trying to get your foot in the door, this is an excellent opportunity. Sketch cards don't pay much, but having a Marvel product on your resume is one helluva way to get noticed.

Here's the link with all the info. Mark Irwin's the guy running the show (he works for Upper Deck). If you have questions, go to the link and ASK HIM. I have nothing to do with any of their hiring or talent scouting -- I'm just passing along the info.

He'll be getting a lot of responses, and they can only take so many people.. So if you're serious about trying to get in on the set, drop what you're doing right now, draw up some mind-blowingly awesome sketch samples, and send 'em his way. Don't put it off! (And when you're a rich and famous artist someday, remember that some poor idiot named Grant Gould helped you out back in the day, and maybe toss him a dollar or two.. He won't spend all of it on liquor...)