June 5, 2008

Dungeons! And Dragons!

Tomorrow (Friday, June 6th) is the big release day for D&D 4th edition. About 99% of you are saying, "So what?" and that's fine (after all, D&D clearly leads to devil worship). But for tabletop RPG geeks like me who've been rolling d20s since the mid '80s, it's a pretty huge event. The entire game's been revamped and updated, and I'm looking forward to reading the new core books and seeing how it turned out. If you're brand-spankin'-new to D&D and have never really played it before, this is the perfect time to jump in. All new books, all new rules.. Head out to your local gaming shop, pick up the new Player's Handbook. Don't listen to the haters - D&D's a lot of fun. :) (WotC should be paying me for this kind of pimpage.)

Anyway, in celebration of the big event, I whipped up some quick character templates to share with anyone who wants 'em.. I thought they might be handy for players wanting to illustrate their PCs (or DMs wanting to illustrate NPCs). Just download and print the PDF, you'll see seven different body types - pick the one that fits your character best and use it as the "framework" to draw your character over. Pretty self-explanatory. I hope people enjoy 'em and use 'em.


(If the linework on that PDF is too dark for your tastes, here's a slightly lighter version.)

Here are some butt-kickin' samples! :)
An elf by Matt Goodmanson
A dwarf by Chadd Keim
A dragonborn by Wayne Peters