June 13, 2008


I can't believe I'm about to say this...
The Incredible Hulk is just as good as Iron Man.

Marvel knocked it out of the frickin' park. Again.

Let me backtrack a minute and tell you I did NOT expect to love this movie. I thought the trailers were underwhelming, I wasn't crazy about the look of the Hulk.. I just wasn't pumped to see it. Of course, being a movie geek and a comic geek, I still went ahead and got midnight tickets.. Figured I'd just see it and get it out of the way and post a review about how mediocre it was, blah blah blah..

Turns out, I loved everything about it. The cast is great.. Edward Norton is perfect. Liv Tyler is adorable and I love her. Tim Roth is about as perfect of a psychotic villain as you could ask for.. The script is smart and makes you care about the characters. By the last half hour, you (and everyone else in the theater) are rooting for Bruce Banner. There were at least three or four moments during the movie where the audience started cheering and applauding.

And I love that this isn't an origin movie. In a way, if you really wanted to, you could almost pretend this is a continuation of Ang Lee's Hulk. It kicks off with Bruce on the run. You're given an "origin summary" during the opening sequence, and then it's off and running.

Also.. gotta say that the soundtrack was great.. And the CG is good... not the best I've ever seen. But everything else is so well done that you kind of overlook the CG flaws. I really ended up liking the look of the Hulk.. And of course the movie's chock-full of winks and nods to the comic fans, as well as fans of the old TV series.

Go see this movie. It's big, it's fun, it's awesome. And HOLY CRAP bring on the Avengers!!!!! :)