June 9, 2008

Star Wars Dance Off.. and a SW RPG Event this weekend at The Source in MN

You really haven't lived until you've watched this video... Wow.

Obviously, I don't have anything to do with Disney's Star Wars Weekends or the dance off (I just wanted to post the video). But I am going to be attending this saturday's Minnesota Star Wars summer roleplaying game mega-event, hosted by The Source Comics & Games. Here's the official scoop:

6th Annual Source Summer RPG Mega Event - Star Wars Saga Edition

Join gamers at The Source Comics and Games this summer and explore a galaxy far far away. June 14th (noon) will be character creation. * All players and skill sets are welcome! * There will be a huge variety of times and places available for you to participate! Plenty of choices! * Every player must have their own copy of the Star Wars Saga RPG in order to play! * Costumes welcome and encouraged! * You can sign up right now in person or over the phone! * Questions? Call Dan Foster at 651.645.0386

I'll be set up at a table in the shop (as far as I know, I'll be the only artist there). I'm not exactly sure yet what I'll have with me. I'm thinking maybe I'll do up some Star Wars related mini-prints or character templates.. I'll try to think of things that gamers might be interested in. Anyway, if you're into the Star Wars RPG and are in the area, come check it out. Should be fun.