June 30, 2008

Wizard World Chicago 2008

I'm back from Chicago, and I have photos... Lots of photos. Dial-up users beware. (Does anyone still have dial-up?)

First up, a couple of Ahsoka sketches. I was pleasantly surprised by how popular she already is.

Shots of Artist Alley:

Obligatory shot of me and a trooper:

One of many cool Fetts walkin' around:

Some sexy costume action:

Toony battle droid I drew for an art jam:

Here's a four-piece personal sketch card commission that was drawn before the show then picked up. Four different Resident Evil baddies (one on each card) with the Umbrella logo in the middle.

Palpatine sketch:

A few random con/crowd photos:

More costumes - Y the Last Man!

A few more sketches:

I did a couple "Secret Invasion" sketch covers.. Strangely enough, they both wanted DC characters on 'em. :) This first one is Wild Dog (pulling off his mask to reveal that.. DUN DUN DUN.. he's a SKRULL!) and the second one's Supergirl. These were lots of fun. P.S. If anyone reading this wants a b&w "Secret Invasion" from me, send me an email -- I've got a couple blanks.

The Wizards of the Coast area:

Me at my table, along with booth babe/pirate Michael May:

More sketchiness:

More random con shots:

My eeeeevil pal Jacen Burrows pimpin' out his latest project "Crossed" at the Avatar Booth:

Werewolf costume (awesome):

Sam & Kara sketch:

Two more sketches:

Cute X-men costumes:

Fellow Minnesotan Ryan Kelly sat at the table next to me on sunday (it was previously occupied by Humberto Ramos) and I'm a huge fan of Ryan's work.. My big nerd splurge of the weekend was commissioning him to draw me another Starbuck pic (which turned out awesome and I'll scan it in at some point). Anyway, so here's Ryan at work. If you've never been to his site, go check it out. He's a nice guy and I look forward to chattin' with him again at FallCon.

And speaking of Humberto Ramos, he and his wife were really nice.. Very friendly, awesome people. Humberto even bought a Black Cat print from me, which made me kinda giddy. I've always been a big fan of his. :)

Here's a photo of me at my table, taken by James Carey -- Thanks for sending it to me, James!

"Astonishing X-men" KItty Pryde commission:

Shot of the Dark Horse booth:

And we'll end on some more girls in costume:

Thanks again to everyone that came out to the show... Truly, you made this one of the best (if not THE best) show I've done yet. I had a blast hanging out with friends and fellow artists, meeting people, seeing familiar faces, etc.

Now it's back to the grind and San Diego's comin' up fast... yikes.. @.@