July 1, 2008

Comic-Con Sketch Pre-orders

San Diego Comic-Con is three weeks away, so I figured I'd better start taking sketch pre-orders. If you definitely want a sketch from me, I strongly recommend you do it this way.. It's gonna be a crazy-busy show and I don't know how many actual drawings I'll be able to squeeze in while I'm there.

So here's the deal. Black & white inked character headshots (like this) are $20. Full color character commissions (like this) are $50. Send payment via Paypal (all pre-orders must be paid for up-front). Send to grantgoboom@gmail.com, write "SDCC Pre-Order" in the subject line along with the character you'd like me to draw. If you want to email me a JPEG for reference, too, that's fine.

I'll have your commission(s) done and ready to pick up at the show! There's no limit - so if you want to order 2 or 3 sketches, that's cool with me. All sketches will be done on 9x12 bristol board.

Thanks, folks!

DEADLINE UPDATE: I'm setting Monday, July 14th as my cut-off date for pre-orders. Make sure your order's in by end of day Monday. Thank you to everyone who's pre-ordered. :) See you at the show!