July 12, 2008

Comic-Con Update

I have my Artists' Alley table number: CC-18. And you can download a full floorplan map of the exhibitors' hall right over here.

This is what my banner looks like. Hopefully it'll make it easier for people to find me in the madness that is Comic-Con... I'll be sandwiched between two talented pals o' mine, Otis Frampton and Justin Chung. I'm currently knee-deep in getting ready (and freakin' out that it's less than two weeks away) but I'll be back with a couple more updates before showtime, including at least one "Wolves of Odin" related update.. Lots to do.. Oh, and I am still taking pre-orders, but only for a few more days. I'd say Monday, July 14th will probably be the cut-off. If you have any questions, drop me a line at grantgoboom@gmail.com. T'anks!