July 3, 2008

In Comic Shops This November!

'Bout time we had a "Wolves of Odin" update around here! ;) I'm happy to announce that "Wolves" has a publisher, a release date (well, a release month), and the official website/blog is now up and running: WolvesofOdin.com! Obviously it's bare bones at the moment, but there'll be lots of updates and other goodies over the next few months. And you can sign up for the newsletter - there's a little box on the site, be sure to check that out.

The book (a graphic novella, as it were) will be published by SRG, also known as Super Real Graphics, which is run by my pal Jason Martin, who himself is a talented creative machine. There were several factors leading up to my decision to go with SRG -- I liked the idea of going with a smaller indie publisher, I liked the idea of having complete creative control over the book (I'm still doing everything - writing, drawing, coloring, everything), and I liked the format of the "SRG Presents" graphic novellas. I really dug the page quality, the price point, the size, the look.. Everything just seemed to click, and Jason was really excited about publishing the book, so that's how the ball got rolling. I feel like the end result will be awesome for everyone.

The book is set to appear in the September issue of Previews and will be hitting comic shops in November.. and of course will be available on Amazon and all that good stuff. Rest assured, I'll be keeping everyone up to date on the latest news both here and on the official "Wolves" site.. Lots more to come, people! :)

Grab your swords and get ready...