July 28, 2008

SDCC 2008

I don't even know what to say about Comic-Con. It's complete chaos and feels like a marathon. Every day is jam-packed with events and people and things to see. Every evening is jam-packed with parties, drinking, eating, trying to get sketches done in the wee hours... It's quite an experience (I generally behaved myself and got a lot of work done -- next time I'm gonna try to take on fewer commissions and kick back a little more with friends). It was fun and re-energizing to be around all my artist pals again.

We stayed at the Marriott next to the convention center, and this was the view from our balcony.. Seriously, such an amazing view. (Thank you to Jess, Darla, Otis, Leigh, and Angel for being wonderful roomies.)

And then this was the view from the right side of our balcony. Nice view of the water and the docks..

Me 'n' Otis, shoving things up our noses. Otis is a gentleman and a scholar, and I love his sweet man-flesh, and I couldn't ask for a better table neighbor. (Photo courtesy of Jess -- Click here to see her SDCC photo gallery.)

This is Angel, a longtime internet friend and kick-butt photographer. (I'm sure she'll hate that I posted this photo. :P) Angel was one of our roomies and it was the first time meeting her in person. She's the coolest, spunkiest chick in da world. Angel, you're fawesome. (Word courtesy of Zach Berry.)

Angel went to the BSG panel and gave me the lowdown and took tons of pictures.. since I couldn't go.. I was stuck at my table being a good little worker artist.

Random con photo -- I liked this shot because it has a banner for Boom!'s upcoming Farscape comic and the Iron Monger suit from Iron Man, which is huge when you're standing next to it. Love it.

My absolute favorite toy sneak peek at the show was this Gentle Giant animated-style maquette of Boba Fett with Han in carbonite. I WANT.

Here's part of the Lucasfilm area. Life-sized statues of the Clone Wars characters. Big screens showing all sorts of footage from the movie (and/or series?), behind-the-scenes type stuff.. Also, I made sure to swing by the DK booth and grab my copy of the just-released Clone Wars Visual Guide for on-the-go reference pics.

Speaking of Clone Wars... MY BIG NEWS:

Lucasfilm officially announced that I'm one of four artists that have been hired to illustrate the upcoming Clone Wars online comic for StarWars.com (the other three artists being Tom Hodges, Katie Cook, and Jeff Carlisle). The comic will accompany the TV series and will be an ongoing weekly type of thing. I'm VERY excited, and you'll be hearing/reading much more about it in the weeks to come! :)

From the panel - (Thanks for the pic, Katie!) On the left side of the screen is Ahsoka by Katie, and on the right, Grievous by me.

It was great meeting artist Nicole Falk in person - she's amazing. Here's her and Clone Wars director and all-around nice guy Dave Filoni. Nicole wanted to meet Dave, so I introduced them (because I'm a Lucasfilm pimp daddy) and took this pic for her. Nicole also works for NECA, a company that makes some kick ass figures (TMNT, Conan.. dude..) so go buy things from them.

Here's a shot of the Super Real Graphics table. On the left is Josh Howard, in the middle is Jason Martin, and me on the right. Both Josh and Jason are supremely talented guys. There was much Wolves of Odin pimpage -- people seem to be really looking forward to the book. :)

Speaking of Wolves of Odin, here's me and artist extraordinaire Mark McHaley, along with our collaboration piece. I believe the original's still available -- if you're interested in buying it, give me a shout at grantgoboom@gmail.com. I'll get you in touch with Mark. (Serious collectors only please.)

This is from the Lucasfilm party on friday night, which took place on a massive hotel terrace, great view of the city, tons of people, open bar (thank you, Uncle George)... The guy in front looking at the camera is fellow Clone Wars comic artist Jeff Carlisle.

There were plenty of random celebrities there -- I didn't get photos of any of 'em, but they were mingling with the crowd (allow me to namedrop) -- Zachary Quinto, Bruce Campbell, Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, Joss Whedon, and a couple others I'm suddenly forgetting. LOTR artist John Howe was there, too -- I had a chance to tell him how much I loved his work, what an inspiration he was, etc. He was a very soft spoken guy - very humble. Meeting him was a real highlight for me.

Three sexy party girls (can you tell which two are drrrunk?), left to right: Nicole, Cat and Bonnie.

I'm saving the good photo of Cat and Bonnie all for myself.. ;P

Another sexy party girl (and rockin' artist) - Leah - givin' Cat some love.

Three sexy party BOYS.... or as I like to call this, Joe Corroney & His BoyToys. It was fun sitting next to Joe and Justin. They're always good doooods.

Me with actor Ryan Robbins! It was so freakin' cool to meet him. I'd interviewed him for Battlestar-Blog.com awhile back and we also have a mutual friend (thanks, Michelle!), so he came over and chatted a bit. VERY cool to see him, he's an awesome guy. (BSG fans will remember the last time we saw him was early season 4 - he almost killed Baltar in the bathroom.) P.S. EVERYONE be sure to check out Ryan's new Sci Fi series: Sanctuary!

A life-sized cylon centurion standing at the Diamond Select Toys booth. The little red light was whooshing back and forth - it was very cool. They had the new set of action figures, but in order to get Starbuck (which is the one I wanted) you had to buy a complete set of Starbuck, Kat, and a centurion (they wouldn't let you buy Starbuck alone). So I ended up just getting a Kat figure for now... which is fine, 'cuz I loves me some Kat.

I also bumped into Bodie Olmos ("Hotdog" on BSG) while leaving the Diamond Select booth. He was on his way somewhere, so I didn't want to bug him for a photo, but I shook his hand and told him the standard "love the show" type of things. He was very nice.

On sunday, my pal "Swabie" (who runs an amazing Star Wars site called GalacticBinder.com) brought Sam Witwer over to my table -- Like with Ryan, I had previously interviewed Sam for Battlestar-Blog.com, so I'd spoken to him via emails. If you don't recognize Sam, then your geek cred card is no longer valid, because he played Crashdown on Battlestar (seasons 1 and 2), he played Private Jessup in The Mist (my favorite movie of 2007), he plays Darth Vader's apprentice in The Force Unleashed - and next up, he's playing Doomsday on Smallville. Dude.. It was great to meet him, he's the coolest guy. I signed a couple copies of my drawing for him. Definitely another highlight of the show for me.

And then there's....... Jamie Frakkin' Bamber. He was there for BSG and to promote Pulse 2, which he stars in.. Very mellow, cool guy. Super nice to the fans. I had all these semi-intelligent things I was going to say to him, but the star-struck nervousness took over at the last minute and my mind went blank and I told him he was my favorite character and mumbled the usual fanboy squee-isms.. it's all a blur. Seriously, he's the best and I'm glad I took the time to go meet him.

I finally met Apollo. Now I just have to meet Katee Sackhoff and then I can die.

Speaking of Katee... these mysterious flyers were all over the place..

I finally got to meet my longtime internet pal Nina, who is one of the bestest most awesomest sexy artists on the planet.

And - Karen! I didn't get a photo of Karen, but it was great finally meeting her, too! All these people I've known for so long.. It's weird that this week was the first time I'd actually seen them in person. I hope I'm not forgetting to mention anyone.. If I did, don't hate me, peeeeeps!

Okay, we're coming to the end here.. I have to stop typing. Let's end this thing with some costumes. Needless to say, there were a trillion costumes - I only managed to grab a few shots. Here are some Rebel girls:

DC girls:

This one's for you, Mike May.. I know how you loves yerself some She-Hulk..


And my personal favorite:

A few last notes --
Big thanks to Jeremy Bartic for the rockin' Starbuck and Wolves of Odin drawings! Big congrats to Jess for her first signing at a convention -- everyone seemed to love the Oddly Normal exclusive book (which sold out)! Big thanks to Brett Boyett for swinging by and giving me some awesome goodies! Big thanks to Otis and Leigh for being so generous and amazing! Big thanks to Cynthia for the sexy sketch! Big thanks to Russell for the tender lovin' and the birthday beer. Big thanks to Jason for not hating me too much for having such a hectic schedule! Big thanks to Nicole for the cute card! Big thanks to the Scoundrel folks for being so great! And, of course, the most important one... HUGE THANKS to everyone that bought stuff from me!

I'm sure I'm forgetting a whole bunch of people.. I might as well wrap this puppy up, I'll sit here all night trying to remember stuff.

Comic-Con '08 was amazing. Now, time to get back to sleeping.. much sleeping..
(I'll post my Topps Clone Wars cards very very soon.)