August 6, 2008

Catching up on a few DVDs...

Lost Boys 2: The Tribe
I'm sitting here trying to think of one nice thing to say, but I can't.. it's just a stupid movie. Corey Feldman does his best grumbly-voiced Batman impersonation. Angus Sutherland does his best slow-voiced Hayden Christensen impersonation. It's all very laughable and goofy. Corey Haim shows up in the end credits and in the "alternate ending," and is embarrassing to watch... I can't think of anything else to say. The movie isn't really worth talking about. I'm glad I saw it, because now it's out of my system and I can finally go on with my life and never again wonder, "Why don't they make a Lost Boys sequel?"

The Spiderwick Chronicles
I wasn't crazy about the first fifteen or twenty minutes. That Freddie Highmore kid was bugging me a lot. But once the creatures and monsters started appearing and the story starts rolling, I really dug it. The FX looked great. I especially liked the goblins. Lots of clever little scenes. The ending was kind of your cookie cutter cheeseball fantasy ending, but over all I thought it was a pretty cool movie.

One of the most over-the-top, ridiculous movies I've seen in a long time... and I gotta admit, it's pretty fun to watch. About a half hour into it, I realized that the director (Neil Marshall) wasn't actually trying to make a good movie. He mixed together a whole bunch of '80s action movies and made a cornball sandwich. You have people that look and act like space marines from Aliens one minute, and then Mad Max style street punks the next minute, and then a gladiator fight in a medieval castle the next minute, and a car chase the next minute... It truly is the most random movie ever. Is it good? No. Is it fun to watch? Definitely. But only if you're willing to give yourself over to its pulpiness, not to mention the crazy amounts of violence. I'm guessing half the movie's budget was spent on gore FX and buckets of fake blood. And of course I have to mention that I'm in love with Rhona Mitra. I could watch two hours of her just standing around looking pissed off and awesome.