August 21, 2008

What's up, buttercup?

I haven't posted new art here in like two weeks, so I felt the need to give a quick update (and I still don't have any new art to show ya). Been busy working on Wolves of Odin night and day. I'm in the final stretch -- I've got about a week to finish everything up. Lots of coloring to do. BIG thanks to everyone for being patient with me. I know I owe people emails, I'm behind on a bunch of commissions... I just gotta put the book first and deal with everyone's wrath later. It's almost to the point where I need to just stay away from the internet until September. But anyway, that's what I've been up to. Very busy.

In the meantime, you can check out Visions of the Blade, an original Star Wars/Soul Calibur webcomic that just went live on

It was drawn & colored by Tom Hodges, and I did the lettering. (Yeah, I know.. lettering.. who cares. heh) :) I'll be lettering all of the Clone Wars pages, too, so it's good practice.

Speaking of the Clone Wars comic - Yes, it'll be available to everyone, not just Hyperspace members. (I had a few people asking about that, so there - now you know.) I believe Lucasfilm will be announcing the start date for the TV series soon, too -- It'll be late Sept./early Oct., but they haven't said a specific date yet. Stay tuned.

I'll have news and updates (and art) coming soon... Just gotta get through this next week and then my schedule can start getting back on track. :)