September 28, 2008

Notes on FallCon, and a BSG Treat

A couple notes regarding this weekend's Minnesota FallCon. First off: I don't have any more room left for pre-orders. I'm pretty much up to my ears in work for the week, so I'm cuttin' off the list. Thank you to everyone who emailed me. :)

I also wanted to clarify how my sketch list is gonna work at the show. It'll be first come, first serve, limit one sketch per person. You pay $20 up front, and I put you down for a b&w inked headshot of whatever character you want. I'm planning on tackling one sketch per hour, so that means I'll have room for 7 sketches each day. If you want to get on Sunday's list, you have to get to my table on Sunday morning - I want the people that aren't going to be at the show on Saturday to get a fair shake. I'll bring some bristol board to draw on, or you can have the sketch drawn in your own book - however you wanna do it is fine. But I won't be adding any colors, and I won't be doing anything more detailed than headshots. And pleeeaase don't ask for freebie sketches. I know I'm a big softie and have done freebie sketches a lot in the past, but whenever I do that, other people hear about it or see me do it, and then they want freebies, and I just gotta stick to my guns and stop doing freebies.

Again, thank you to everyone that's emailed me about FallCon.. It really seems like this year's gonna be a big one. Especially with the new location in the Grandstand and all.. I'm lookin' forward to it.

Oh, and I wanted to thank the TFN guys for mentioning me and FallCon!

On a completely unrelated topic --
I wanted to mention something very cool (to me, at least). And, yes, I realize I'm kinda tootin' my own horn here, but being the massive BSG fan that I am, I don't care. It's exciting. :)

For their season 4 wrap party, the cast and crew of the show Battlestar Galactica was given this book as a gift (it isn't available to the public) -- it's a hard-bound, slip-cased, full color, amazingly cool "yearbook" that covers everything from episode summaries to cast and crew farewell letters. It's over 200 pages, filled with never-before-seen photos, and it's pretty much the holy grail for BSG lovers. So I had the great honor of being part of this book. One of the wonderful folks who organized and assembled it contacted me awhile back and asked if they could include some of my fan art. Obviously, I was hugely flattered, and it turns out I'm one of only two fan artists featured in there (Dylan Meconis is the other one). So it's just really awesome, and I feel like I'm an eensie weensie tiny little part of Battlestar history now.

Here's a photo of the page that shows my art:

I'm not going to post any other page photos. The book was meant as a gift to cast and crew and I wanna respect that. Maybe after the final episode airs next year, I'll email them and ask if it's okay to post some photos over at my BSG site, Battlestar Blog. :) But that's a long time off... And they'll probably tell me to go frak off anyway. :P

But seriously, THANK YOU to the BSG folks for inviting me to be part of the book.. It means a lot to me, and I'm incredibly honored.