October 28, 2008

Back From Texas

Star Wars Fan Days II was a lot of fun. Had a blast hanging out with everyone, and THANK YOU to the many people who stopped by my table to get some artwork. (Man, people were going nuts for those Fan Days sketch cards...) I have a lot of emails and jobs to catch up on, but I'll try to hop on here and post a couple photos soon, and I have a few sketch cards I'll be looking to get rid of. If you wanna jump on that train right away, shoot me an email: grantgoboom@gmail.com.

3 quick things:

1) Be sure to check my site often this week. I have a creepy Halloween surprise coming in three parts. 1st part should be up sometime tomorrow, 2nd part thursday, and the 3rd and final part on friday.

2) No new Clone Wars comic or TV episode this week (they're taking a break because of Halloween).

3) CBR interviewed me about "Wolves of Odin" and you can read that article right over here.