October 6, 2008

FallCon 2008

FallCon was amazing.. I love the new location at the Grandstand. Had a great time seeing familiar faces, hanging out with artists, etc. A huge thanks to each and every person that swung by my table and bought some artwork. :)

It was a very Star Warsy weekend for me. Not only was I giving away Star Wars goodies, but I also chatted with a LOT of people about the new Clone Wars cartoon. The over all opinion shared by most people seemed to be that they weren't crazy about the theatrical release, but the two episodes last friday really impressed them (and of course every kid I talked to about it said they loved it). And I had two different guys tell me how cool it is to have a new friday night ritual that they can enjoy with their kids now, which really hits home.. I know how important it is to have those memories with your parents. I think the new series has a perfect balance of stuff that appeals to kids and stuff that appeals to the older fans.

The BIG Star Wars news for me was that I had the honor of being inducted into both the Rebel Legion and the 501st. I am now an honorary member of both (I feel like a double-agent!), and they gave me plaques and badges, and it was all very cool and unexpected... I gotta give big thanks to Brad Kramer and Ed Cook, and to everyone else that was with them! You guys rock.. it was the highlight of my weekend. :)

There seemed to be a big interest in Wolves of Odin, which is fantastic.. Lots of people asking me about it, lots of people saying they were excited to pick it up.. :)

I tried not to spend any money at the show this year, but I ended up grabbing a couple things.. I picked up Ryan Kelly's awesome LOCAL hardcover, as well as a few of Dan Brereton's prints. There were a few figures I wanted to track down, too, but the dealers all started packing up before the end of the show on sunday, and by the time I finally walked around to look at stuff, hardly anything was still on display. This is a pet peeve of mine. A lot of people (especially the artists and volunteers) wait until the last hour or two to go make their purchases. I don't understand why dealers are in such a huge hurry to pack up and get outta there.. Anyway, I'll quit ranting now. :P

Over all, an excellent FallCon. Again, thank you to everyone that helped make it great! I hope to see all of you again next year.

I'll leave ya with some random costume shots (thanks to Jess for taking the photos -- I didn't have my camera on me). Apparently it was a big year for DC characters.